our story

Efficient Air Systems, Inc. is a Maine based manufacturing business dedicated to the design and manufacture of environmental control systems for Natatoriums.  Established in 1996, our business spawned from 17 years of prior experience as a representative of a major manufacturer of refrigerant dehumidifiers.

Refrigerant systems were developed because it took too much energy to heat outside air and then throw it away to get rid of excess moisture. Although the refrigerant approach removes excess moisture with a multifunction compressor based system and then recirculates the conditioned air, we learned that while this saved energy it created a host of other problems. We knew there was a better solution so we designed an alternative that would address the problems listed below:

1. Health and Safety: Our number one goal has been and continues to be to create a healthy environment for both swimmers and those who work in natatoriums. Recirculated air causes a buildup of chloramines which destroy lung tissue. Our approach is to exhaust contaminated pool air and replace it with healthy fresh air.

2. Energy Costs: The refrigerant approach, while better than old time air exchange systems, is still a very costly form of conditioning natatoriums. We have developed and implemented a highly efficient, passive method of extracting heat from exhaust air and using it to preheat fresh air. The result is that we can now provide fresh air at less than 50% of the cost of conditioning recirculated air.

3. Maintenance and Service Costs: When a mechanical device receives proper maintenance, it lasts longer and operates more efficiently. We designed our units to minimize maintenance requirements and make those requirements simple enough that they can be performed by the life guard or aquatics director. Unlike a complex refrigerant system, our systems can be easily maintained at an efficient operating level throughout their lifetime.

4. Equipment Life Expectancy: A Natatorium is considered a “hazardous duty” application. The environmental control equipment deals with highly corrosive air and operates 8760 hours per year (continuously). Our goal has been to develop a high quality system that will provide a long lasting investment. Our welded aluminum construction, Industrial aluminum plenum fans, and airfoil aluminum control dampers are only a few of the details that differentiate us from other manufacturers in our industry. It costs us more to build our systems but higher quality construction and components result in longer life expectancy. The product that costs 0 to 20% more and lasts 50% longer is always going to be the better value.

5. Owning Cost: The owning cost of any mechanical equipment is the sum of all of the above:

  • Poor air quality can cost you money when you lose both staff and patrons;
  • Specialty Service Technicians to maintain your equipment comes with a large price tag;
  • Low priced systems can overwhelm you with operating costs, and then die prematurely.

When you add up all of these issues, our system is the least expensive system to own. Our goal from day one has been to provide a simple, affordable and desirable solution to conditioning natatoriums.

However, don’t take our word for it.

The majority of our new relationships come from referrals within our existing customer base. Most of our customers have owned refrigerant systems and can testify to the benefits of our approach.