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  • 3 year standard factory warranty

  • 5 year optional non-prorated warranty

  • 10 year optional non-prorated warranty

  • Semi-Annual optional Preventive Maintenance Contracts

Natatoriums are rooms filled with air, water, chemicals and pollution such as Tri-chloramines, which are caused by bodily fluids in the water, mixing with pool chemicals.

The primary focus used to be on controlling temperature and humidity, but times are changing and we now recognize that Tri-chloramines are a primary contributor to the development of asthma and other breathing disorders. Lifeguards exposed to more than 500 hours a year of indoor swimming pools are at risk of developing occupational asthma, and some studies indicate that children who have grown up in indoor pools were 80 times more likely to develop asthma! ** see footnotes**

A typical refrigerant dehumidifier deals with Natatorium air by wringing out the moisture using recirculated air, removing moisture with each pass. However, even if a refrigeration system brings in ASHRAE’s recommended fresh air amount, this is based only on the surface area of the pool and wetted deck.

The problem is that high levels of Tri-chloramines continue to recirculate and build up without being removed from the room!

Our simple solution provides more room air changes by replacing up to 5x the fresh air recommended by ASHRAE. This saves you money in the process, eliminating the cost of running refrigerant based
systems all year round.


It’s Ok - take a deep breath. You can truly have fresh, clean air in your pool room!